How to enter

Nothing is more simple. Register, upload one or more games and wait until January 2013 to find out if your game has been nominated. The winners will be announced around March 2013 (To be announced later)

It's 100% free

Many, if not most competitions charge an entry fee. The IMGA has never done that. We are here for you and our operational costs, the trophies and the awards ceremony are covered by our sponsors. With the IMGA you can never lose.

a jury of specialists

Only the best. Each year we select our 12 jury members very carefully among leading journalists, analysts, publishers and developers and knowledgable executives from the industry; manufacturers of handsets, chips, middleware, operators, and many other key players in the mobile ecosystem. Who love games.

A lot of winners

30 Nominees and 9 Winners. 6 Different categories in which you can be nominated and win an award. Additionally you can also win the People's Choice Award, the Jury's Honorable Mention or the Grand Prix which is given to the best game of the year.

Everybody can win

The Competition is open to everybody. Most of the top ten mobile game studios are participating, but also many one-man bands, students and artists. For more information about specific restrictions, please check out the Rules and Guidelines.

For every OS

Wether you have developed your game in Android, Symbian, Anna, Bada, IOS, J2ME, Windows Mobile 7 or 8, WebOS or any other mobile platform, frankly, we don't care. The important thing is that you are convinced that your game is The Best mobile game that came to the market in 2012. Or at least one of the best…