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万国觉醒 Rise of Kingdoms

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16th IMGA

Lilith Games
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    About 万国觉醒 Rise of Kingdoms

    [Game introduction]
    "Rise of Kingdoms" is a real-time and breeding type strategy simulation game (SLG) based on the theme of ancient civilization!
    Choose your favorite civilization and become your own governor, gather your troops, set up internal affairs, expand your power and conquer the world!
    Form an alliance with other players and work together to expand your territory!
    Take on the territory and resources of the enemy while fighting, keep growing your alliance and aim for the top with your friends!

    [Legendary hero again]
    Super famous warlords and heroes such as Yoshitsune Minamoto, Julius Caesar, Jeanne d'Arc appear in the game! Based on careful examination, the appearance of the hero and the character voice in the local language are realistically reproduced. It is up to you to make use of heroes with various abilities and skills.

    [Magnificent world map]
    Perfectly express a magnificent and realistic world with 360 ° high-definition 3D graphics!
    You can easily switch from the inside of the castle to the movement of neighboring countries with two fingers.

    [Strengthen the domestic politics and prosper the castle]
    You can do various things such as improving facilities such as government offices, training camps, scout camps, hospitals and schools, strengthening troops and increasing resources.
    Domestic affairs to raise national power and advance advantageously!
    Expand your territory with good domestic politics or defeat your enemies and aim for the strongest corps.
    Aim for world domination with a high degree of freedom!

    [Hero reinforcement & unit formation]
    Real-time simulation battle full of training elements to strengthen castles and soldiers by procuring resources and food, and battle elements to organize and fight units!
    Train your army, strategize your best strategy and win massive real-time battles!

    [Enchanting battle content]
    Full-time observation of the battle situation on a real-time map.
    Skillfully use reconnaissance, aim at the chance of enemy deployment, and surprise the sky castle!
    Bring the battlefield with any strategy, including shortstop, siege, ambush!
    Battle fierce battles with millions of players around the world!

    [Friends from all over the world] By
    joining the "Alliance", you can be helped by war and help develop your own country, so even beginners are safe!
    It is possible to search for an alliance between Japanese as well as a global alliance.
    Because the chat has a translation function, you can easily exchange regardless of nationality!
    There are plenty of territories and facilities dedicated to the Alliance, so you can enjoy a deeper strategic simulation!