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14th IMGA

Ordibehesht Studio
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About 4Wheelers

An online multiplayer race of two cars to win the grand prize, Its a mix up of racing and turn-based game with a touch of low poly design.

Maybe we are from different cultures but in all of our childhoods there were cars and we imagined these roads on carpets, tables, or we paint roads with chalk on the ground or whatever that looked like a road to us and we raced in it, with our tiny cars we made our own turned base game in childhood with other friends, we tried to make this alive again and the result is 4wheelers a turned base online multiplayer game, and we are doing it in Iran. Tiny cars with drag and release gameplay system in a colorful low-poly environment.

What makes my game unique?

Turn-Based racing, our game is a combination of turn-based and racing games with the touch of low poly art and it is simple. We believe the simple is innovative.

Why could my game win an award?

We, Ordibehesht (second month of Persian calendar which means the best honesty) studio, currently working on this project day and night, without any investment. The sanctions upon our country is making it harder for us. We are doing an impossible mission and we aim globally so we hope that you game enthusiasts help us to be heard and seen as an indie game development team from Iran, be heard beyond borders and sanctions.