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Alchemica – Crafting RPG

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Crunchy Bit Games
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    About Alchemica – Crafting RPG

    Alchemica is a RPG with some unique takes. Players take the role as Charlotte, a young alchemist striving to become a successful merchant. During the course of the game, she can exploit materials taken from the game world to craft various potions and bombs. These crafted items can then be used for battles among other uses. She doesn't utilize conventional weapons, instead relying on her own expertise in crafting to defeat monsters and gain loots in the form of more materials from them, thus repeating the cycle. Charlotte also owns a store, the one she wants to build a reputation on. She can directly sell loots taken from dungeons for gold, or use the time to craft better items since they are worth more. Visitors will come to her store, and she must haggle with them to win her hard-earned gold coins.
    Welcome to Rochendil, an fantasy realm filled with magic and mystery. Peace have reigned the continent for years, but signs of dark times are starting to loom on the horizon. Journey as Charlotte, a young girl returning to her hometown as an alchemist, pursuing her dream to become a successful merchant. Little does she know of her monumental role in carving the fate of her world... Main Features: - Retro-based role playing game with beautifully hand-drawn pixel art graphics. - Light hearted story with interesting characters to interact with. - Over a dozen of enemies and items to craft. Explore Dungeons - Traverse multiple levels of randomly generated dungeons using a mysterious network of ancient portals. - Engage in battles against unique enemies in classic turn-based combat. - Stock up valuable materials, drops, and treasures along the way. Craft Items - Fuse various materials into useful and more valuable items. - Discover multiple combinations through experiments and quests. - Utilize items you craft in battles, or sell them to gain gold coins. Gain Profit - Fill your store by selling loots and items you crafted. - Haggle your way with various type of patrons to earn gold coins. - Become a renowned and successful merchant!

    What makes my game unique?

    Alchemica is a game developed by two people over the span of several years. Taking cues from our love to the golden ages of the 16-bit RPG genre, we are inspired to bring the intricacies of a full RPG experience into the mobile platform.