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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon

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16th IMGA

Fast Forward Studio (MY.GAMES)
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    About American Dad! Apocalypse Soon

    Developed by Fast Forward Studio, with the support of American Dad! Co-creator and Executive Producer Matt Weitzman, American Dad! Apocalypse Soon brings 14 years of the show’s signature satirical humor to mobile for the ultimate American Dad! gaming experience.

    In American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, players must guide Stan through the most important mission of his life; the game begins when Stan discovers that Francine, Hayley and Steve have been kidnapped by mysterious aliens known as “Collectors.” In order to rescue them and repel the alien invasion, players will use advanced CIA technology to clone Stan’s somewhat reliable extraterrestrial ally, Roger, outfit dozens of Roger duplicates, build an underground base, fortify the Smith family home, and assemble an army capable of defeating the Collectors and saving his family. Save the Smiths, save the world!

    Additional notable features about the game:
    - American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is the first-ever stand-alone game based on the Emmy®-nominated comedy series American Dad! from 20th Century Fox Television.
    - The strategy mobile game introduces a hilarious new chapter in the American Dad! universe written in collaboration with writers from the show.
    - The game features a multi-layered RPG system with tons of customizable options for players to choose from.
    - The game features a robust PvE campaign to save the world, as well as a competitive PvP arena to show off your skills.