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In partnership with Oculus, OZWE Games presented on 1 May 2018 its latest production: Anshar Online, joining the worldwide release of Oculus Go, a genuinely standalone Virtual Reality (VR) headset that goes virtually with no phone to drop in or PC to connect.

In-house, we’re nine VR fans and enthusiasts. For Anshar Online, we worked with subcontractors for the art and sound assets, we were between 10 and 20, scriptwriter and a composer in Los Angeles, voice actors in Great Britain, QA in Philippines and Canada, a 3D modeller in Spain, texture artists in India, sound design in Geneva, environment graphics in Lausanne, and of course the whole code was made in-house in Lausanne.

Anshar Online is a virtual reality space shooter that brings all Oculus community players together in intense and merciless online battles.

Up to 8 players can battle against each other in PvP deathmatch mode, and up to 5 players can team up for co-op missions or battle each other in a race. All missions and contracts are available for solo play as well.

The use of VoIP enhances the social experience even further, allowing the group to plan and deploy its strategies. There's only one rule: have as much fun as possible, using everything that virtual reality technology currently has to offer.

As the Anshar Online adventures progress, players must solve the mystery of the death of Rush Steel, the player's partner, killed in an ambush at the start of the game. Who arranged for that fight, and why? This is what must be uncovered, with the help of the main ally, Lady Elitas, who will be the guide toward that goal.

Players improve their skills as a fighter and level up by completing a variety of missions, contracts, and assaults. Each new level increases their strength and prepares them for more dangerous and difficult missions, unlocking special abilities at various stages. Obtain new ships to take on the role of tank or engineer, and improve the ship's strengths by acquiring upgrades or mounting improved equipment obtained from in-game loot drops.

Players can freely fly over multiple high-definition 3D environments, such as asteroid filled areas of space, a city in the clouds, alien planets, underground caverns and even large interstellar cruisers, providing new gaming surroundings for each new mission.

The entirety of the Anshar Online universe was designed to grip its users with the graphics rendering of each new mission, keeping the VR gaming experience always fresh.

Because players can move freely in all directions, they are thrust into incredible battles which develop in real time all around them, with an epic musical score playing in the background.

Whether on Gear VR, Rift, or Oculus Go, headset motion detection allows steering the ship with just a head tilt, in a fluid way. Controlling the ship and firing missiles is done with a game controller, touch controllers, or the headset’s touchpad.