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Juan Pablo Méndez
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    About Atoms

    What would happen if the games kids play for hours during the evenings had educational content?

    Atoms is an educational space shooter in which you must collect elements from the periodic table as you destroy hordes on Alien ships!

    The game can be an auxiliary for students aiming to learn the Periodic Table of Elements, but it's also designed to be a fun experience for anyone looking for a challenge.

    Are you up for the challenge? Because there are like, lots of Aliens to destroy, and atoms to collect!

    What makes my game unique?

    Atoms is based on Takanoby umetsu et al's Fusion method to create educational games. This simply means that:

    It integrates the learning objective with the game, achieving that the required abilities to progress through the game are the same abilities required by the educative process.

    By fusing the game mechanics and the educational objective, Atoms tries to be attractive to both: people interested in its learning objective and people who just wanna blast some Alien ships.

    Atoms is an attempt to create a badass educational game!

    Why could my game win an award?

    For educational games to be relevant in a market as saturated as today's: they must compete for attention against commercial games. They must be as attractive as any other game competing in the market.

    We must strive to create compelling educational experiences.

    Games that educate, attract their audience, and inspire - both in the learning objective, and to appreciate the medium.

    Atoms is a passionate attempt to create an action packed educational game full of explosions that does not forget its learning objective.