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Bacon – The Game

15th IMGA

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    About Bacon – The Game

    Bacon – The Game is the third part of the food series, a collection of mobile one-tap games with whacky physics. In every game, controls are super simple: Touch = rise pan, release = lower pan. They are designed as genuine mobile games: Short sessions, portrait mode, one-handed, pick-up-and-play. The games have been downloaded about 10.000.000 times.

    100 very short levels follow the same rules: Throwing the bacon on top of the object. When it doesn’t move any more, the level closes with an aesthetic photo of the bacon, accompanied with sweet opera music.
    The game is presented like a collection of short food hacks. Getting more and more ridiculous, the app advises you to put bacon on pancakes, ice cream, Kevin Bacon, code segment, the Eiffel Tower, the hair from the film Grease, ... It’s a quick game, the player always wants to know what’s next, because different recipes have different abilities. Bacon on the moon struggles with gravity, bacon on Mona Lisa shows your selfie (iOS only), bacon on the cursor always moves the cursor to your tap, and so on. The fourth wall gets damaged quite often.
    Despite the easy controls, Bacon will eventually get harder. The player learns how to control the wobbly bacon, and is able to perform trick shots, like sliding the bacon through holes (beer bottle), kicking it to avoid rotation (brick wall), or throwing it far (remote control). The best shots are encouraged to be shared via social media.