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Battle Bowls

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Matthew Ota
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    About Battle Bowls

    Lawn Bowls is a beloved Australian sport that originated in England. It's played by young and old, often on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, barefoot with a drink in hand. It's a sociable sport but also very competitive! At the highest level it is featured in the Commonwealth Games. I wanted to bring both the social and competitive aspects of the game to mobile, but with an arcade twist for a casual audience.
    Battle Bowls is an arcade spin on the classic sport of lawn bowls! It has online multiplayer with voice chat, as well as offline single-player challenge modes. Best of all, you can use powerups to thwart your opponent! Collect avatars and upgrade your bowls to help you climb a ladder of competitors on your way to become a worldwide bowls champion!

    What makes my game unique?

    We didn't want to stop at just replicating the classic sport of lawn bowls. We made it unique and fresh! Our game has simpler, arcade-driven rules and AND powerups to disrupt your opponents! We also included online multiplayer with voice chat, an AR (Augmented Reality) mode, as well as offline single-player challenge modes!

    Why could my game win an award?

    We love lawn bowls as much as we love this game! We crafted it from our experiences and ideas with an incredibly small team - mainly one person! We made the game to be enjoyed solo or with friends! We also packed it with stacks of features like AR, multiple game modes, achievements, leaderboards, online voice chat and more!!!