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Black Desert Mobile

Nominated for the

16th IMGA

Pearl Abyss
United Kingdom
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    About Black Desert Mobile

    Black Desert Mobile features action-packed combat, a deep character customization system, and high graphical fidelity based on Pearl Abyss’ proprietary engine. The Black Desert franchise has more than 20 million players on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and mobile platforms.

    After choosing from one of five available character classes such as the Warrior, Witch, Ranger, Giant, or Valkyrie, players can take on quests to level up their character and build their camp. In addition to solo play, multiplayer content includes Ramoness, a 3-on-3 PvP mode with an efficient matchmaking system, and the Ancient Ruins co-op boss raid instance. The social experience of working with others is integral to Black Desert Mobile, allowing for collaborative combat in Node War and Conquest War to win unique loot or taking down World Bosses as a team.

    Life Skills are another essential element to the player experience, with gathering, fishing, crafting, trading, and dyeing fabrics being vital to gaining resources. Players can build and expand their camps or hire their own workers to gather resources, manage nodes and trade materials and products.