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Black Paradox

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15th IMGA

Andrea Valesini
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    About Black Paradox

    Black Paradox is a mix of Roguelike gameplay and space shooter action. Riding your space car in always differently generated levels makes each game unique, through the huge yet expanding pool of powerups, weapons and enemy waves. Also the growth system allows the player to keep steadily progressing through the game, and sets Black Paradox apart from other games in the genre.

    This various and always changing gameplay is supported by a rich synthwave soundtrack and a retro, colorfull, well polished pixel art.
    Black paradox is a side-scrolling old-school shoot’em up, that features stunning pixel art visuals and electronic music, blended in a synthwave retro-feeling that pays homage to the 80s’ imaginary shared by videogames, music and movies.

    The game is a rogue-like shooter with random-generated levels that puts the player against different waves of enemies and hazards

    What makes my game unique?

    Black Paradox is one of the first games to mix roguelite elements and space shooters, and it's strongly supported by a huge expanding variety of contents and a growth system that allows the player to steadily progress further throughthe game.

    The amazing synthwave soundtrack throws the player right in the middle of the game's fast paced action, being the perfect complement for such a hectic game.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Black Paradox has been received really well by both by players and reviewers. When being compared to other similar games it's been said to have what those were lacking, making it a lead for the genre.

    Both the pixel art and the Soundtrack have been polished to the tiniest details bringing it to be one of the top mobile games in the audio-visual department.