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Bunbu Dance Tour: Idol Clicker

Anthony Wibisono
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    About Bunbu Dance Tour: Idol Clicker

    Build your stage and let the show begin!
    Tap to dance and spread your charm to make countless audience cheer for you, get more idle profit and boost by handing out souvenirs, respond to letter from fans, complete challenging missions, craft merchandises and become the best celebrity of the show!

    One nation isn't enough for an idol! Become a famous rabbit celebrity, hold a concert tour across the globe, and build your fanbase overseas! This will boost your profit in the next concert! You will even be able to craft your own merchandise as the symbol of your fame! Earn incremental rewards for your efforts!

    Bunbu Dance Tour tells a story about Bunbu The Bunny's journey to fulfill his dreams in becoming a dancing idol. From a nobody, Bunbu starts climbing up the charts at his home town. It's no wonder animals, robots, angels, and demons start becoming his fans, watching this cute rabbit showing his moves.


    ● ADDICTIVE incremental clicker and musical game with lots of charm involved. A rewarding time passer for your casual time!

    ● TAP tap and tap! Follow the beat and Bunbu shall dance for you - from hip hop, belly dance, ballet, to gangnam style, watch how this cute bunny rabbit disco with the music!

    ● UPGRADE customize and decorate your stage! Let the show grow merrier with more props to choose from!

    ● UNLOCK many Bunbu costumes - from casual and daily to beach boy and president Bunbu! See how he likes to cosplay with those costumes!

    ● ATTRACT huge range of audience - from animals and humans to robots, ghosts, zombies, vampires, and angels! More crowd means more idle profit for you! Just sit back and the crowd will generate profit for you!

    ● SATISFY your fans more with their favorite food or items in the form of souvenirs! Get the crowd to cheer and rock the show even more! Fans hype = more idle profit!

    ● EARN rewards by completing challenging missions, responding to letter from fans, and finishing jobs from clients!

    ● TRAVEL across the globe and hold a concert tour in every continent! Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and many more! Build your fanbase overseas and make them go hype for you!

    ● CRAFT merchandises and get more boosts to increase your multipliers! Be proud to see the symbol of your fame after you've incrementally worked all the way up to fame!

    ● WITNESS the best show in town where you can be famous yourself! No need for concert tickets! Party and disco with the beat, all the way to superstardom!

    ● PLAY mini games! Getting bored of tapping? Have a change of pace in Match the Move mini game!

    ● PLAYABLE offline with optional ads. Safe to play for kids and family.

    Tap your way through this concert themed musical clicker game and tell the world that a cute idol bunny is about to be born!
    Pave your path of becoming the most famous animal celebrity now!