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C4 – Color Match Brain Teaser Puzzle

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Cristiano Monteiro
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    About C4 – Color Match Brain Teaser Puzzle

    There's no gameplay like C4 in the app store. C4 taps into the old Map Color Theorem, which only a few decades ago was computationally proved that 4 colors are enough to paint any map. C4 will generate increasingly difficult maps for you and the task is to use 4 colors to paint it with no region sharing borders having the same color. A Global Hall of Fame adds extra spice. Even though it dirty easy to learn how to play it's a daunting task to master it so one can really advance far in the game or even complete the 54 dynamically generated levels.
    C4 – Color Match Brain Teaser Puzzle is a unique mind color match puzzle game that will challenge your mind to the fullest. Show good strategy, fast thinking and focus to solve the logic coloring puzzle challenges. Can you pass all 54 mind logic puzzling levels? Try C4 to test your focus & thinking! It is composed of 54 levels, with increasing difficulty in complexity and time to solve. Don’t think it’s easy. Even though the starting levels may be easy and most will advance far in game levels, VERY FEW will complete all of them. A new twist of the coloring and logic games.

    What makes my game unique?

    Even though it's not a graphically elaborate game (which is the tendency now), it is an elegant game and unique gameplay. Color the map without adjacent areas having the same color. Each level is increasingly difficult either in complexity, time to solve or both. Very easy to play, difficult to master. I have a hard time believing anyone will complete all levels but, still, some people can complete Rubik's cube under 10 sec...

    Why could my game win an award?

    My game is not focused on eye candy, distractions, sidetracks; it's an elegant interface presenting a unique gameplay, challenging but not intimidating, finite but appear to be not, to all ages, smart, robust, well tested, competitive, so, all elements games should present before eye-candy. Simple, straight to the point, not ugly, actually spartan elegance, coming back to puzzle roots, fun, competitive. Try it and see what I'm talking about.