Winners & nominees 12th IMGA

Cerulean Moon

12th IMGA

Nominated in
Best Upcoming Game
Spain, France, USA, Norway
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About Cerulean Moon

Cerulean Moon is a jumpless platformer.

In this game you don't move the main character directly, but instead use your finger to slide the world under the main character's feet. This control scheme allows for great expressiveness and has significant gameplay implications, making the game feel like a platformer even though there’s no jump button.

What makes my game unique?

-It's a platformer where you can't jump! -It's designed for touchscreens and actually makes sense on those!

Why could my game win an award?

Cerulean Moon is still unfinished - we like to think of it as a beautiful diamond in the rough and hope the jury will be able to see its potential at this early stage.