Winners & nominees 14th IMGA

CHIPS: Monster Tap

Dragon Capital Centre, PT.
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    About CHIPS: Monster Tap

    Monsters are invading the world! Help Chips, the genius inventor, on his way to restore peace (or at least trying to!). You will find gigantic cactus, spoiled bread, rotten apple and even toilet paper looking Monsters running amok across the world. How do you beat them? Why, with Chips’ latest Robot invention, of course!
    *DISCOVER the whole story, the truth behind the invasion.

    *TAP to beat various kind of bizarre and kinda cute (?) Monsters.

    *BUILD and customize your favorite robots.

    *BATTLE through the city, mountain and even the SPACE!

    *UPGRADE various tools and innovative weapon to beat stronger Monsters.

    *COLLECT rare parts and Chips customizable costume.


    What makes my game unique?

    we combined two unique yet simple build and battle mechanism with an idle clicker gameplay to keep it casual and wrap it with fabulous visual arts and outstanding story.

    Why could my game win an award?

    it's a very casual, unique and fun to play game suitable for all ages & there's no other games like this yet.