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Chrono Clash

Leonard Lin
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    About Chrono Clash

    Chrono Clash is in the Early Access programme on Google Play. An iOS version is not yet available. The game can be downloaded via Google Play >

    As the war over ancient Relics continues to rage, there's fame and fortune to be made; especially for a band of mercenaries like yours.

    Lead your a squad on various contacts and oversee their tactics. Manage resources, unlock new job classes and uncover powerful relics to become renowned through out the land of Tevalles.

    Chrono Clash is a tactics RPG with a unique turn-based system that uses time as a resource. Powerful skills may deal higher damage but take longer to recover from leaving the user open to attack.

    Move about the battlefield to flank enemies (or attack them from behind) and deal critical strikes. But beware, that aggressive positioning could leave you in a vulnerable position as well.

    Choose from up to 40 job classes (currently 11): classics like the Knight and Mage as well as new unique ones like the Dark Templar and Artificer. Equipment and skills can also be mixed and matched creating hundreds of tactical options.