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Chen Guo
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    About CLOSER-anagnorisis

    CLOSER is an action adventure game including lots of interesting puzzle elements. Main character does not have ability to attack, we need to use the interaction to get through the level. Main character is a girl with pure white body, she knows nothing about the world, like a newborn baby. The game tells a story of her life from birth to the end. Core gameplay revolves around the interaction of character, enemy and the scene. Each element fully functioned, bringing fun to players and returning game to the origin.
    This is a game of adventure type, puzzle elements included. Main character is a girl in pure white body, she's like a newborn innocent baby, she doesn't know much about the world. This game is about her life from very begging to the result of her destiny. Main character's unique feature also associated with adventure and puzzle elements of the game. To balance the players of different levels, enemy's body also been specially designed. Core of the game designed around interaction of three elements, main character, enemies and scenes. The three elements split and combined in a variety of ways to come back to game's origin. Basic controlling of movement is an 8-directional key and a multi-functional button. World view does not show a certain background of historical and national culture. Like Bauhaus's theme, the idea is to resonate with people from different cultures. Scene of the game world is strange but fascinating with several chapters. Every chapter is a kind of emotional expression. The scenario showed just like a silent film, to leave an imagination for players. Two talented independent music producers are engaged to compose background music, the music directly hits player's soul, and also perfectly shows the atmosphere and emotions of the game. It includes music genre such as Ambient, Glitch, and Indie Rock. Please enjoy.

    What makes my game unique?

    CLOSER tells a story of a girl born from an egg finally welcoming her destiny. The girl is in pure white body, this special trait is also associated with the overall gameplay design. In this nihilistic world, like the hearts of each of us, the game does not show a specific sense of era or region, since it can make everyone resonate.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We are not philosophers, we don't know what truth is, but we have the ability to see the shadow of truth. The game built a dream, a cold and ridiculous dream. This is not another game that tells the tragedy, because each of us will sing and dance in the happy world at last.