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Cosmic Top Secret

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15th IMGA

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    About Cosmic Top Secret

    COSMIC TOP SECRET is an autobiographical adventure puzzle game about T who wants to find out what her Dad did for the Danish Intelligence during the Cold War.

    You control T on her journey into adulthood to uncover the truth about her parents and an atomic war that never happened but yet wounded a family.

    Human relationship, history and secrecy mixed in a surreal reality come together as a complex gaming experience.

    When ‘T’ grew up, her mother and father always kept her safe. But in secret they were also keeping the whole country safe. T ’s parents were cold war warriors, clandestine operatives of the secret service arm of the Danish Army, fighting the Red Menace in a fantastic reality of double identities, top secret documents and coded signals. As true spies they kept their real identities hidden from the world. Even their own daughter. T was 39 years old before she stumbled upon the truth, and now she starts her own counter-espionage project, searching for the secret truth in her family history.