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    About Cubeus

    In Cubeus, you are presented with a series of platforms, some of them moving in certain directions, others imbuing you with different colored powers. The ever-present goal is to maneuver your cube into the finishing platform with the correct color imbued. The key with Cubeus is the manipulation of your direction – you can move whichever way you want, but you’re inherently limited based on what tiles are around you. Often, the tiles only allow you to progress in one particular direction, forcing you to adapt your decision making and move towards the goal however you can.
    Cubeus is a puzzle game app for iOS that takes you through an amazing futuristic world with challenging puzzles formed by unique mechanisms. Cubeus brings you into a futuristic world where you control an intelligent entity - a Cube that has the abilities to manipulate a spectrum of energies and multiple functional tiles to untangle the complexity of mechanisms in each chamber that scatters inside the six floating megastructures that hold the keys to re-activate the dying artificial planet... ■ Unique visual and gameplay designs that bring you a whole new puzzle solving experience. ■ 3 megastructures that accommodate 30 increasingly challenging levels. ■ End-stage cinematics. ■ Great cosmic/atmospheric soundtracks from the supports of various indie musical artists.

    What makes my game unique?

    "Multi-faceted puzzles - you'll be challenged in a lot of different ways. Really enjoyable and difficult, yet surprisingly not frustrating." --- Appolicious

    Why could my game win an award?

    The unique game design and the visual design