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Dancing Hut (Unreleased)

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13th IMGA

Jan Veselý
Czech Republic
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    About Dancing Hut (Unreleased)

    Very early work in progress,being made without any budget by one guy with love for strange, weird and experimental concepts.
    Starting with home of Baba Yaga, I want to explore all bizzare creatures from old folklore and fairytales
    in a fun and ridiculous way.

    Take control of the old witches hut,the mythical sentient home of Baba Yaga and stomp your way through the pixel forest, full of cute little creatures and lots of gore.
    Ridiculous,insane and weird adventure of love and revenge.

    Game of skill - Easy to approach, very very very hard to master

    Tap to switch legs! Figure out how to walk!

    PIXEL GORE !!! Be wary of those cute forest creatures !!!

    This is early prototype from a crazy guy with love for all things magical, weird and obscure.
    Have fun,post your suggestions and together we can explore, remember and bring to life more strange mythical creatures from tales of your childhood.

    -Ragdoll physics
    -Easy one touch control -Tap anywhere to switch legs
    -Swipe up or down after falling for quick restart
    -Cute retro pixel gore
    -Power Ups
    -Retro parallax pixel forest
    -Ridiculous sound effects
    -Sneaky woodpecker
    -Spontaneous combustion

    Made completely without budget or any support over cold nights in a cave.

    Appuyez sur pour changer de jambe!
    Testez vos compétences et appuyez sur pour marcher dans un coureur de pseudo-sans fin ridicule!
    Prenez le contrôle de la vieille sorcières cabane et piétiner votre chemin
    à travers la forêt de pixel, plein de petites créatures et beaucoup de gore mignon.
    aventure ridicule, fou et bizarre de l'amour et de vengeance.Jeu d'adresse - Facile à approcher, difficile à maîtriserPIXEL GORE !!! Méfiez-vous de ces créatures de la forêt mignon !!!Caractéristiques:
    -Facile Contrôle d'une seule touche -Appuyez partout pour passer les jambes
    -Faites Glisser vers le haut ou vers le bas après une chute pour le redémarrage rapide
    rétro pixel -Mignon gore
    -Mises sous tension
    forêt de pixel parallaxe -Retro
    effets sonores -Ridiculous
    pivert -Sneaky
    -Combustion spontanée

    What makes my game unique?

    Have You ever imagined walking in the hilarious hut on chicken legs?

    Why could my game win an award?

    I don´t think this can win anything, I want fun and to inspire in making something original or experimental.