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Dash Crashers

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14th IMGA

Lezard Han
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About Dash Crashers

The main inspiration is 「Super Mario Bros」 on NES. I want to make a SIMPLE FUN game like Mario, with a new way to play. No virtual joysticks, just touch controls, juicy mechanics, polished levels and difficulty curves, it takes hard work to make the game easy to pick up and hard to put down. During the showcase in 「 WePlay」, the biggest indie game event in China, most players picked up this game in one run or two. But it doesn’t mean lack of depth or replayability. Different obstacles differ in dashing timing. Players need to play high combos to get high score and bonus coins. And there’re a variety of missions to complete.
「Dash Crashers」 is a 2D endless runner with unique gameplay, smooth control and cute characters. No more jump or dodge. Dash and crash everything that stands in the way! Play high combos, complete missions, unlock different characters and collect various costumes! Features - Fun and fresh dashing mechanic - 5 cute and unique playable characters - 12 costumes for each character - 5 powerful abilities to unlock - Colorful graphics and 4 beautiful backgrounds - Simple and smooth two button controls - Chiptune music and 8bit sounds

What makes my game unique?

Unlike most endless runner games, you play by dashing and crashing obstacles, insteading of jumping or dodging. In fact, everything in this game is destructible. You can crash tiles, enemies, even missiles.

Why could my game win an award?

Unique Gameplay, Smooth Control, Cute Characters, Colorful Graphics.