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Gamtropy is an indie game studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. We are passionate about innovative gameplay mechanisms inspired by our daily lives. Our first title, DESERTOPIA, is developed by using Unity game engine. The project began from February, 2017 and will be released on iOS and Android this September. We try describing a different scenario of simulation games along with a story of making choices. That is to say, it is a story that you can preserve the sustainable developments through your choices made in this game.
DESERTOPIA is a unique simulation game because nothing lives long. You will explore a desert island and nurture new species along with different accidental events. Utopia or mirage? It’s all your choices! The basic idea of this game comes from our world, Earth. Unlike other simulation games, the core concept of DESERTOPIA is nothing lives long in this game. Water cycles fluctuate, animals will thrive or go extinct, and your lush forests may be susceptible to desertification. The world that you create is ever-changing, much like the world we live in. Features: - Feel relaxed in the world of picture book style. - Special game mechanism: All things are ever-changing, nothing lives long in this game. - Dynamic background music mixing technique: Background music will change with the abundance level of your island. - Up to 50 kinds of creatures and 10 types of landforms to explore. - Several random events and choices influence the development of the island. Fecebook: Presskit:

What makes my game unique?

First of all, the core concept is one of the unique points of this game. Seldom simulation games emphasize on destruction or consumption. Most of them usually keep growing. For example, You will get more and more buildings in SimCity, or you can feed more and more animals in Farmville or Hayday. However, DESERTOPIA emphasizes on the balances between the growth and witheredness. Therefore, destruction and consumption is the crucial part of nature cycle the world of this game. Although rainforests will become desert when drought happens, and creatures will go extinct as their living environment disappeared, you can still fix them as the time passes by. Secondly, we built a dynamic background music mixing system in the game. In different types of landforms, you will hear different styles of background music based on the same genre. When you move your screen to the desert or the grassland, you can hear folk style music with smooth tempo. However, if you move your screen to the forest, the background music will gradually become post-rock style. The environmental audio is also included in the music mixing design, that audio can show the current state of the ground. In addition, there is no absolute right or wrong in the game. Everything comes with pros and cons. For example, You will get rewards from the tourists but they also bring pollutions and influence your island. It’s all about your imagination to this island. Last but not least, our visual art is quite elegant. You will feel relaxed even if you just launch the game and watch it.

Why could my game win an award?

1. We have a unique idea of simulation games, that is nothing lives long in the game, and you can be the one to decide the destiny of your own world. 2. We have a dynamic background music mixing system to represent different layers of the game, and this will highly increase the interest of the game. Also, you have more hearing interaction with your world. 3. We have a wonderful and lovely visual art which is highly praised and appreciated by our target audience, 18 to 34 aged females, based on the poll during our previous exhibition in TGDF.