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Destiny Child

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15th IMGA

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    About Destiny Child

    Come and Meet your "Destiny Child"

    ★ Attractive Childs who protect only for you!
    : Challenge to be the best Master with Childs!
    : Charming Childs will be with you for the challenges!

    ★ The special stories to stimulate your emotions!
    : Variety of Childs live in Live 2D, and fascinating stories about each Child ..
    : Check the stories of Childs at the Destiny Child now!

    ★ Simple play but full of fun!
    : Defeat the opponent to attack weakness, and use the most powerful Drive skill!
    : Fill the skill gauges and attack!, Fever Time!
    : Simple play with various strategies!

    ★ Variety of contents that can't be missed!
    : Devil Rumble! Compete against other candidates!
    : Underground! Challenge to your the limit!
    : Event dungeon! Change themes every day!
    : Explore! Adventure all around the world!

    Enjoy the full voice of famous voice actors!