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Doors of Silence – the prologue

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Blackbite Interactive
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About Doors of Silence – the prologue

From one of the best-known and more horrifying experiences for VR (best choice for Upload VR, GeorgeTown’s Gelardin Media Center and TheRiftArcade) that has collected millions of views on youtube, The Prologue was born as the first episode of a new horror saga: Doors of Silence.
Developed with Unreal Engine 4, DoS-The Prologue is an immersive survival horror for Gear VR, with stunning graphics and a long term gameplay featuring exploration, stealth, puzzles and interaction.

What makes my game unique?

Doors of Silence was designed as one episode of a series, similar to a novel with distant beginnings that in its breadth follows through to the present day. Everything in Doors of Silence is based on a simple philosophical concept: the waiting is the most important part of an emotion. We feel that this aspect is fundamental for a horror game. It’s easier to frighten players by constructing a path based on a sequence of sudden violent events (jump-scares), but we feel it would take away from the concept fundamental to our work and discourage the exploration of the game environment. What the game is aiming for, is to constantly trigger the fear of the unknown in the player or an unsettling feeling or discomfort aroused by finding yourself in a mysterious place, possibly hiding something terrible and monstrous. All of these aspects are amplified by the virtual reality and the high level of detail that we've achieved with the Unreal Engine for VR mobile platforms.