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DragonBox Algebra 5+

9th IMGA

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    About DragonBox Algebra 5+

    DragonBox Algebra 5+ is perfect for giving young children a head start in mathematics and algebra. Children as young as five can easily begin to grasp the basic processes involved in solving linear equations without even realising that they are learning. The game is intuitive, engaging and fun, allowing anyone to learn the basics of algebra at his or her own pace.

    DragonBox Algebra 5+ uses a novel pedagogical method based on discovery and experimentation. Players learn how to solve equations in a playful and colorfull game environment where they are encouraged to experiment and be creative. By manipulating cards and trying to isolate the DragonBox on one side of the game board, the player gradually learns the operations required to isolate X on one side of an equation. Little by little, the cards are replaced with numbers and variables, revealing the addition, division and multiplication operators the player has been learning throughout the game.