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Edge of Sanity

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15th IMGA

Kristine Ploug
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    About Edge of Sanity

    In Edge of Sanity you are tasked with feeding your Old God with souls. Invade the homes of your unsuspecting victims, but be careful, their feeble minds will be blown by the mere sight of you, and your masters don’t like wasted blood - they always hunger.

    What makes my game unique?

    Edge of Sanity puts you into the shoes of a lovecraftian monster in the service of even greater horrors and tasks you satiating their endless hunger. To ensure that your unfortunate victims are sufficiently feeble, we developed a complex Motion Matching system that controls their animations and guarantees that you'll pity them as they hurl themselves towards their inevitable end. In addition, the game, including the Motion Matching system, was created over the course of 6 weeks by 16 people developing games for the first time together.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Our game represents the efforts of 16 aspiring game developers who took a chance on each other and made a game in 6 weeks that attempts to push not only the technological conventions but also the thematic offering of mobile games into new territory.