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Benoit Freslon
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    About EnigmBox

    EnigmBox is compilation of 56 refreshing puzzles.
    This game is really unique because it uses all the player environment in the gameplay. You have to think outside the box to solve puzzles to collect all hearts in each level.

    On each puzzle there is one hint at the top of the screen and an image or a situation to help the player.

    EnigmBox plays different from your average puzzle game. You can imagine all crazy things to solve puzzles: Shake your phone, take pictures, capture videos, talk, walk, plug accessories, etc. You can use all stuffs around you and all phone properties!

    This application breaks literally the “fourth wall”.
    It’s an amazing game experience using all the features and the interactions offered by the mobile device.

    Your mobile is a tool you’re using every day without even thinking. Those puzzles will make you use it in a way you’re not used to and will force you to get rid of your usual habits.

    Every puzzle is different and hide a new surprise.
    Everyone can solve those puzzles. Just be a few logical, imaginative and creative.

    56 puzzles available, from the easiest puzzle to the most "creative". For long moment of thinking and pleasure.

    EnigmBox is an original mobile game that uses all the mobile devices capacities (camera, GPS, gyroscope, light…) and inputs to solve 56 creative puzzles.

    Players have to play and Think outside the box to solve puzzles: The goal is to find a hidden heart on each level.
    EnigmBox is based on my previous Flash games: Take Something Literally 1 & 2 (2009 & 2010). This series have been played 50 million times around the world.

    This game is different from your average puzzle game. Use all the mobile functionalities to solve puzzles: move it, touch it, take pictures, capture videos, plug accessories, use microphone, location service, buttons, native applications, etc.

    Every puzzle is unique and hides a beautiful surprise. Everyone can play EnigmBox but kids are better than adults because they have a lot of imagination. Just be a few logical, creative, enjoy yourself and just think outside the box.

    What makes my game unique?

    EnigmBox experiments all the possible interactions with the mobile device. All the features and the inputs can create an original way to play. When we play a mobile game we always only watch the front of our device. But If we start to “Think Outside the box” we can see a ton of interactions and inputs available. So why not literally play with our mobile? At the beginning of the project I started to look every part on the mobile device on every angle of view and I discovered a ton of new ways to play. The mobile features are so rich: magnetometer, touch screen, compass, GPS, buttons, headphones, camera, microphone, settings, etc. So, we can use and mix all these ingredients to create original puzzles to surprise the player. Sometimes the solutions are not in the game application. For example, you have to quit the app or press the volume buttons. But when you understand that everything is allowed in EnigmBox you can try crazy things to solve puzzles. People ask me how their mobile can do some unbelievable things. So, it’s always funny to answer: “It’s magic!”. Indeed, less people know that a mobile can detect metal. There is no storytelling inside the game but only outside. Actually, the player will create his own story. He will remember and tell to his friends how he solved some puzzles. All players are creative, especially the kids, because they have a lot of imagination. All people laugh a lot when they play and when they watch the other players with EnigmBox. Otherwise, I saw that a friend wanted to throw the iPad and lick the screen.

    Why could my game win an award?

    EnigmBox try to push the limits of the interactions of the mobile device. It’s a refreshing game that includes the player and his environment in the game. All players can play and have fun immediately in the few seconds of the gameplay. Every puzzle is accessible. This means that everyone can solve all logical puzzles. The fun is also when you watch friends trying to solve crazy puzzles. 56 different puzzles designed to be unique and surprising. That will be your face after playing EnigmBox -> ^_^ More puzzles are coming