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    About eQuiz

    eQuiz is the most fun you'll have playing trivia! With over 50,000 questions in hundreds of your favorite topics. eQuiz provides hours and hours of entertainment with traditional trivia content (arts, history, math, geography, etc.) and top-of-mind topics (Stranger Things, This is Us, Current Events, Famous Women, All Things Oprah, etc.).

    There's a new quiz game in town! eQuiz is a fun and free trivia game that lets you test your knowledge and challenge your friends to a battle of wits. With hundreds of fascinating topics and thousands of questions, it's guaranteed to provide you hours of fun!

    Are you a diehard Game of Thrones fan? Or the biggest Star Wars fan ever? Prove it! Take the quiz and go one-on-one with people from around the world! Who won the 2000 World Series? What is Superman's Kryptonian name? When did Beyoncé win her first Grammy? What is the title of the last Harry Potter book? Who is the popular small, yellow, ground-dwelling Pokémon? eQuiz has the most popular topics from a vast range of categories including sports, movies, books, history, television, music, and much more.

    Meet new people and compete against those who share your interests. Take part in the Discussions and join an ever-growing community that spans the globe!

    • Real-time 1-on-1 Battles
    • Single-Player Mode
    • Wager Rounds To Test Your Confidence
    • Tournaments
    • Multiple, Distinct Quizzes Per Topic
    • Gradated Levels Of Difficulty
    • Chat & Discussions

    Enjoy your favorite topics in one of the following categories:

    - Entertainment
    - History
    - Politics
    - Women
    - General Knowledge
    - Literature
    - Sports
    - Pop Culture
    - Geography
    - Business
    - Kids & Family
    - Life & Style
    - Our World
    - Hobbies & Interests
    - Arts
    - Technology
    - Science & Nature
    - Education

    Twitter: @equiz

    What makes my game unique?

    eQuiz is made by trivia lovers for trivia lovers. eQuiz has a sophisticated, refined UX, that’s tailored for an adult audience, but it’s our content that truly sets us apart. While other trivia games have a flat, linear topic experience — eQuiz offers deeper, richer content with gradated difficulty levels for increased challenge. eQuiz appeals to a broad spectrum of people with hundreds of topics that range in traditional trivia content (arts, history, math, geography, etc.) and top-of-mind topics (Stranger Things, This is Us, Current Events, Famous Women, All Things Oprah, etc.). eQuiz players include both fans of specific properties and the trivia buff who is really looking for a challenge in an array of topics.

    While other trivia apps have just one or two simplified gameplay modes — eQuiz provides users with multiple ways to play: Solo mode to test your skills (including gamification that allows for the unlocking of difficulty levels along the way), Theme specific quizzes within your favorite topics, Vs. mode which allows users to connect and play with other users from around the globe (with chat and discussions functionality), and soon to be released Tournament capability that will allow for real rewards for eQuiz players (cash, products, gift cards, trips, etc.). Exciting further, is the eQuiz roadmap that includes gameplay features that promise to push more social and multiplayer modes (Beat The Expert, Celebrity Challenge, Team Challenges and more)!

    Why could my game win an award?

    Because someone has to win, so why not us! eQuiz has a contemporary look and feel, that has the potential and working roadmap to push not only Trivia gaming but gaming forward in general. We not only believe content is king, we live by it. We chase top-of-mind, trending and popular topics. Because we’re plugged in, it allows us to produce content that gamers are seeking.

    Our feature set really enhances the trivia gaming experience. We also believe our real reward model will be a game changer. You can play eQuiz for fun, competition and rewards!

    Lastly, our sponsorship capabilities consists of seamless integration within the gaming engine. The organic sponsorship tie ins are unobtrusive, that positively impact players and sponsors alike. With eQuiz we are creating a new media channel for brands and sponsors into gaming. Who’s the best in trivia gaming? The answer is eQuiz!