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Escape With Words

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    About Escape With Words

    Imagine waking up in a strange and magical land where your words hold the power in overcoming incredible obstacles and unlocking new areas!ESCAPE WITH WORDS is a brand new word puzzle adventure you won’t soon forget! Unlock words that form MASTER PASSWORDS - secret answers to escaping even the most insane situations! Each word you unlock brings you one step closer to revealing the MASTER PASSWORD.STAY SHARP
    Each tricky problem has an equally brilliant answer! Pay close attention to what’s happening in the world. Each small detail could be a clue that will help you unlock the hidden words!Set in a vibrant world with fantastic and quirky creatures, help your hedgehog companion travel through four wonderful locations and overcome 83 unique challenges with more than 300 handcrafted word puzzles. BE PREPARED
    Build marvellous contraptions, capture dastardly bandits, find treasure, and even fight off ghosts and giant octopuses! Oh boy!THINK FAST
    Find hidden words within the letter grid! Swipe up, down, across and diagonally to build words! It starts off easy but gets challenging pretty quickly!KEEP CALM
    All challenges are solvable! If things get too difficult, don’t panic, there’s always a way out! To make things more interesting, we made finding the words in the right order just as important as finding the words themselves! If you find yourself stuck, you can simply restart the level and try again. You may be able to swipe a different set of letters to form similar words. Tricky!LOSS FOR WORDS?
    If things get too difficult, remember that your hedgehog companion is always ready to provide hints! You’re in this together so help each other out!Are you prepared to put your word-game skills to the test and ESCAPE WITH WORDS!

    What makes my game unique?

    The game has a story and adventure which separates it from similar games and makes it much more interesting to play and adds much more motivation to solve the puzzles. Game is unique as it uses visual clues together with finding words. It’s also unique as players needs to solve sentences with smaller word puzzles, so it offer multiple layers of challenges. On other word games the words on puzzles are random and have no connection and bigger meaning. This game has every word as a part of bigger puzzle and every puzzle is again part of bigger puzzle. It has interesting story and main character progressing on the map gives meaningful goals for players as every solution is very unique. Solving puzzles is enjoyable as it triggers fun animations and leads to new locations and obstacles on the adventure rich map. Hedgehog character is interactive and responds to different player actions (for example if user makes a wrong or correct word, stays idle too long, makes incorrect moves etc.) All puzzles are hand-crafted, not auto generated and it gives more enjoyable challenges. Game is very user-friendly and there are no forced ads.

    Why could my game win an award?

    As the concept of the game is quite unique and the players are very happy about the game, then we just think it deserves it.