Winners & nominees 16th IMGA

Fans of Soccer: Online Football Disc Challenge

Nominated for the

16th IMGA

Omar Alsuwailem
Saudi Arabia
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    About Fans of Soccer: Online Football Disc Challenge

    Are you ready to be the soccer legend and hero you always dreamed to be?

    The time is now – the ball is in your court – run, take aim, strike….and…goal! You did it for your team and you are ready to lift the cup.

    How exciting. And what if we tell you that you can experience this excitement every single day, whenever you please. Yes, with the Fans of Soccer game all you need is your smartphone to play soccer in true competitive style while competing with players from all over the world in online football-themed disc game matches gushing with adrenaline.

    Simple gameplay and disc physics make this game extraordinarily fun and exciting. Are you ready to compete in different tiers and prove your mettle against formidable opponents from across the world in various championships and leagues? Your chance is now!

    What makes my game unique?

    The amazing graphics which makes the game very attractive. The powers used in the game added more excitement to it, and all of these powers are our ideas.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Because the game is very exciting, it doesn’t depend on luck, it depends on the level of professionalism and the skillset of the player. Because this is not a standard game, it is more advance. There are many levels to motivate the players to keep playing. When the players reach high levels that will open for them new features. So, there will be an incentive for all players to continue playing this game so they can reach more prizes, unlock new levels, powers, and features that introduce new ways of challenging other players to ultimately win. The game was developed with native code base for both iOS and Android to allow for a smooth, easy and effective way of interacting with the game.