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Christina Barleben
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About Farmstead

Explore the real world – find cute animals and rare seeds – grow your farm & become the top provider of your neighborhood. Farmstead is a mobile f2p real world AR game.

- Place your farm based on your real world location.
- Explore your surroundings on your way to work, to find rare seeds and cute animals.
- The world will influence your farm. So, when it is raining outside, tend to your farm! Your crops will grow fast. If there is the full moon, beware of your workers. They need more jobs as they cannot sleep!
- Build the mill, dairy and kitchen to craft your goods into neat products.
- Be the top provider of your neighborhood, by trading your goods with real life restaurants and supermarkets.
- Find and scan flowers in the real world, to gather bees, which help you terraform your land.
- Find lucky clover to send to your friends.
- Build the most beautiful farm and show it off to your friends.

Farmstead is the next generation in farming games, and connects the real and virtual worlds in a way never before seen in mobile gaming.

Farmstead Trailer: