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Father.IO AR FPS

Nominated for the

14th IMGA

Francesco Ferrazzino
United States
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    About Father.IO AR FPS

    “One of the coolest gaming concepts of the decade” Moviepilot
    “Turns the Whole Planet Into A Giant Laser Tag Battle Arena” Futurism

    Father.IO ™ is the world's first real-life Augmented Reality First Person Shooter.
    Experience the adrenaline, tactics, and strategies of gaming in your everyday life. Combining Augmented Reality and First Person Shooter battles, Father.IO brings a battleground into your backyard.
    This game requires the purchase of the Inceptor device to play the Multiplayer Game.

    * Fast paced real life actions! Aim your enemies at a 50m/150feet distance
    * Gps based radar to locate teammates, enemies and respawn points
    * Up to 16 vs 16 in team matches or 32 free for all
    * 4 Classes with unique GPS based abilities: Ammo crate, Medikit, EMP, and Claymore!
    * CQC or Sniper style? Choose between 4 different weapons (Assault rifle, Sniper rifle, SMG, and handgun) each with different shooting distance and accuracy, rate of fire and damage potential: pick your favorite fps gaming style!
    * Indoor and outdoor gameplay