Winners & nominees 13th IMGA

Final Shot

Nominated for the

13th IMGA

Netmarble Games
South Korea
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    About Final Shot

    Final Shot is the hottest FPS of the year!

    Enjoy Multiplayer battles with tons of weapons and easy-to-use controls!
    Change the tides of war and make the Final Shot!

    1. The best multiplayer FPS for your phone!
    - Only on mobile! One tap is all it takes to instantly call for backup!
    - Enter the conflict within seconds of your friends arriving!
    - Got shot from the back? Use the revolutionary Revenge system!

    2. One clan to rule them all!
    - Get Limited Edition Items from Clan Battle Rewards and Exclusive Shop!
    - Prepare for epic Cash Prizes in our Massive Clan League!

    3. Experience the best shooter modes!
    - Compete on well-balanced maps designed by FPS experts!
    - Customize your look and fighting style with unique characters and weapons!
    - Join Multiplayer battles and Weekly/Season Leagues!