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Finger Derpy

12th IMGA

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Best Multiplayer GameGuilty Pleasure
United States
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    About Finger Derpy

    Run your horse with your derpy fingers!
    * New Way to Control: Tap two fingers like running little hooves. Just like controlling a canoe, only it's a horse.
    * Solo Mode: How far can you run? Dodge barrels, spotlights, turtles, cars, drums, and more!
    * Unlock New Breeds: Each breed has its own special power such as Smash and Time-Slow!
    * Upgrade Your Steed: Find Gold Roses and get Permanent Upgrades for your horse!
    * Party Mode: Have your own derpy, 4-Player horse-races on a single device! 7 different tracks!
    * Customize: Pick your ridiculous horse names, jersey silk styles and colors!
    How horse-racing used to be, back in the good ole days.

    What makes my game unique?

    Finger Derpy is unique in that you can play with 4-players all on one tablet and everyone is on the same level of ability because the game makes the whole group feel derpy and silly. It's like drunken horse-racing or bumper-animals. All of this leads to laughs and lots of good times which is probably unique to our game as well :) Honestly, the two-finger tapping method of controlling your speed *and* your direction is pretty original. It's like a derpy version of "Track and Field" but for 4-players.

    Why could my game win an award?

    All people, young and old, know about horse-racing, but it's generally considered a bit of stuffy, up-tight sport. With Finger Derpy absolutely everyone can play the game together, and experience horse-racing with a new perspective. No one is put off by sci-fi themes or hard-core platforming. This game is very simple, but original, and it has the power to unify different generations together in play, which for me is the light we all head towards in game development.