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Fire Escape: An Interactive VR Series

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15th IMGA

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    About Fire Escape: An Interactive VR Series

    When the clock strikes 8PM in Brooklyn, the blood moon sets the tone for a very strange night of voyeurism, mystery and murder. Text your friend from across the alleyway and peer into the private apartments of your suspicious neighbors to discover their secrets. After a murder takes place in the building, everyone becomes a suspect. You must make choices of where to look and how to respond as you become entangled in the simmering crime.

    Unleash your Inner Voyeur in this Three-Part Interactive VR Series.


    -Brooklyn comes to life in the rich cinematic world, vivid visual style and compelling characters caught in New York City’s sweeping gentrification.

    -An interactive narrative where seven stories and a crime unfold in real time.

    -Moment to moment choice of who to watch. Discover a web of stories and clues.

    -Use controller to text and interact with select characters.

    -Replay missed stories.

    -Featuring YouTube Star ASMR Darling

    -Built for Daydream.

    What makes my game unique?

    An experimental approach to virtual reality storytelling, Fire Escape explores a new syntax, departing from the existing conventions of both VR storytelling and the cinematic techniques of traditional filmmaking such as editing or time jumping. Fire Escape assigns agency to the voyeur allowing them to become the surrealist director and editor—where inside the storyworld, the viewer brings order to the scenes as they unfold synchronously and in real time. In this neo-Hitchcock anthology that examines race, classism, and the social divide in contemporary urban America, the viewer must challenge their own unconscious bias to uncover the truth.