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Forgotten King

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Jan Hrnjak
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About Forgotten King

The dark forces have reunited to remove the king from the throne by creating the biggest spell ever! With the spell activated, The King lost his Crown, His treasure and his people! Everybody forgot about the King. Help the King to find his way back to the throne by fighting the 4 dark Kings, many traps and labyrinths making everything more difficult than you think! Only way to go back to the throne is collecting gems and opening the magic door in every level! Remember, to get to the door, you will need to pass some other things that are prepared to stop you!

Once upon a time there was a King, a King that was like Heaven in others eyes! His era was great indeed.
But hold on, not everybody was happy with this situation. The Dark world was coming and the King didn't have a clue about that! The dark forces united together to create the biggest spell for the King! The 4 Dark Kings! The King Of Spring, The King of Winter, The King of Autumn and The King of Summer!
It's a Spell to remove him from the throne and for his people... a spell to forgot who is their King! Only one who knew about this was Kings Fairy, She couldn't do anything to stop this...this time, The dark forces were to strong. Overnight, the spell was activated.
The King was feeling very sad in the morning, without all his power, without his crown and without his castle! Like a shadow!

Find the way out through many traps, defeat the 4 Dark Kings and their plans to keep trapped, Catch all Gems and help the King to return back to his Kingdom, to his beloved Throne!
Every level has a Magic Door! To unlock it you will need to find the Gem that unlocks the door!

What makes my game unique?

Unique medieval story about the forgotten king, fighting his way through many labyrinths and traps to get back to his throne! What makes it also unique is the 3d feel. By that, I mean that the whole game is a 2d game, but when you play it, it gives you the 3d feel! It's an optical illusion!

Why could my game win an award?

I'm 21 years old, I'm from Croatia which is also barely visible in the gaming industry, so thats a good way to start this question! I love games too much, I'm a pixel art lover and I'm striving to make a Unique medieval story game about a knight with over 30 levels and making the game special with my 2d-3d technique which gives you the feeling you're playing a 3d action-adventure puzzle game and also giving the players a quality pixel art story game to enjoy it and solve all those puzzles, traps and of course finding secret tombs and treasures!