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15th IMGA

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Excellence in Innovation
Sebastien Dubois
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    About Gladiabots

    Carefully construct the AI of your robot squad and send them into the battle arena. Improve, refine and repeat until you outsmart all your opponents and friends online. Thanks to the simple to use but in-depth visual AI editor, decide when your units should attack, gather resources, support each other, retreat depending on their health, keep their distance, close in, save your shield, react to the circumstances on the battlefield and much more.
    Gladiabots is a competitive strategy game featuring futuristic robot squads battles. What makes it unique is that you do not control your units but you program their AI.

    What makes my game unique?

    Did you ever get frustrated when playing a RTS like Starcraft: either because you lack the superhuman multitasking skills or because you wish you had more control on the behavior of your units in those critical moments? Gladiabots allows you to plan everything ahead and watch the game unfold as you drink your hot coffee. Made by a crazy solo dev (ex lead programmer on Dungeon of the Endless), it's been crafted from the ground up with the help of an awesome community.

    Why could my game win an award?

    The original concept of Gladiabots redefines the strategy by offering unprecedented creative freedom to the player. It has the potential to establish a new game genre and to address with previously unexplored approaches.