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Gleam: Last Light

Huy Nguyen Tuan
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    About Gleam: Last Light

    Gleam is a physics-based puzzle game in which players use reflective gems to bring sunlight to the last living plant in a post-apocalyptic world. Use as few moves as possible to achieve a three-star rating. Up for a real challenge? Gleam features tons of very clever, beautifully-designed levels that will keep you entertained for hours at a time. In the twilight of a dying world, can you keep hope alive?

    Key Features:
    1. Experience a nutrient-rich blend of casual and hardcore puzzle gameplay.
    2. Solve mind-bending puzzles with gems and gravity.
    3. Explore 40+ levels within 5 different environments.
    4. Travel through a post-apocalyptic world -- brought to life with intense, atmospheric music.
    5. Strive to achieve a perfect 3-star score.