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Golf Peaks

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15th IMGA

Luke Spierewka
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    About Golf Peaks

    Golf Peaks is a golf-themed puzzle game where you use cards to navigate a golf ball around a grid-based map. The game is a relaxing experience, but that does not mean it's a casual game - difficulty ramps up quickly around World 3/4 as new mechanics are introduced and mixed together with existing ones. The entire game takes an hour or two to beat (depending on whether you're an eager puzzle player) but you can get the gist of it in around 30 minutes (after completing World 3 or so).
    Golf Peaks is a tiny puzzle game where you climb mountains by playing golf. Use cards to move the ball, solve over 70 handcrafted levels and conquer the summits!

    - 70+ levels and 6 worlds to complete,
    - Various block types to experiment with,
    - Unique card-based movement system,
    - Minimalist visuals and a relaxing atmosphere,
    - No IAP, no ads,
    - One-handed play,
    - Zero understanding of golf required!

    What makes my game unique?

    Golf Peaks is entirely puzzle-based - compared to other golf games there are no physics and no randomness, so if you see a solution, you can make it. We've worked hard to make a golf-themed game for both golf enthusiasts and people who are not super fond of golf, making it fun for everybody.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Golf Peaks is a minimalist, relaxing puzzle experience with a gameplay mechanic you probably haven't seen or tried yet, so we have high hopes ;)