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Gravity Rider Zero

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16th IMGA

Vivid Games
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    About Gravity Rider Zero

    Gravity Rider Zero is a prequel to the original Gravity Rider game. This time players, have to focus on two things: customization and fun! Every track offers a unique challenge, you won’t find any artificial difficulty level spikes and overpowered vehicles. Everything is perfectly balanced, just pick your favorite ride and beat the track!

    Like in every balancing game, you will have to find your own way to solve the wide variety of puzzles including: giant ramps, laser beams, and spike traps. From WW2 era motorbikes to skeleton motorcycles we are giving the players some of the most spectacular vehicles out there!
    You don’t have to worry about leveling your ride up because everything is automatically leveled up to let you beat every stage in the game!

    Your fingers are your steering wheel. Precise and simple controls will let you bridle every vehicle. Use your skill to accelerate and tilt the bike at the right time so you will beat the stages much faster. Practice makes perfect, focus on passing the levels, every stage in the game is divided into 3 levels after clearing them out you will advance to the next world. Classic solo campaign mode will let you taste some of the craziest levels ever made in total there are 33 scalable levels each one of them is offering a slightly different challenge for the player.

    In Gravity Rider Zero you can customize your ride the way you want. Pick up your favorite vehicle, give it a unique look by using a new paint job, color or just awesome light trail. Even though every vehicle is already tuned, you can still show the world your own style!