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Muse Games
United States
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About Hamsterdam

Hamsterdam is accessible and gives everyone the opportunity to experience its hamster-fu action. The cute and fluffy visuals is an intentional juxtaposition to the rodent combat that attracts those who don’t consider themselves fighting game players. We’ve lovingly merged an idiosyncratic art style, story, and setting with precise timing, reactive gameplay, gestural controls, and rhythm game mechanics that are fun for everyone. At its core, Hamsterdam is a brawler that balances its action-packed 3D animations with a whimsical art style and a story about triumph over tyranny and the big bad bully.
The town of Hamsterdam descends into darkness as the crime boss Marlo “The Chinchilla” seizes control. The wearied townsfolk long for the return of peace and freedom from vermin oppression. As Marlo and the rodent gang leave the family cafe in smothering ruins and take his grandpa away, the young hamster Pimm is left all alone. Just when all seems lost, this unlikeliest of heroes takes on the mantle of hamster resistance. Help Pimm rediscover the fabled Hamster-fu and rally the citizens. Get ready to dish out a mix of reactive, precisely timed attacks and good old-fashioned button mashing black and blue. Carefully time your lightning fast pounces, charge up powerful knockout strikes, and unleash devastating combos on these cottontail hoodlums. Defense against enemies relies on quick thinking and even quicker reaction. It’s time to kick some tail! (And save grandpa of course)

What makes my game unique?

Our goal with Hamsterdam is to add value to the beat ‘em up and fighting gamescape on mobile platforms by incorporating the console and PC brawling fundamentals that have helped to define the fighting genre as a whole. Combat is a mixture of reactive challenges, precisely timed attacks, tactical choices, and good ol’ butt kickin’ that has been entirely re-conceptualized with touch inputs in mind. We aim to push the mobile fighting game genre forward with the innovations in Hamsterdam.

Why could my game win an award?

We grew up playing the hardest and most kick-ass beat em' up and brawlers from the early console and arcade days, and we don't see as many games like that on mobile. Hamsterdam hopes to fill that gap by re-imagining the fundamentals of old school fighting games and introducing them to new audiences. With Hamsterdam, we're creating a mobile-focused brawler experience that is easy to pickup and hard to master. It has a message about self-discovery as well as hope and resistance in the face of oppression. We sincerely hope you'll enjoy the game!