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Happy Swordplay: Party Game

Happy Labs Pte Ltd
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    About Happy Swordplay: Party Game

    Hold up your Remote and play Swordfighting!
    Click to parry attacks and swing to counter!
    Level up and unlock new bosses and quirky weapons!
    Cross swords with a friend in 2-player mode!


    Holding your remote: Hold your Apple TV Remote in both hands like a sword and swing to hit your opponent!

    Attack: Hit your opponent while their guard is down and don't get knocked back! Break their defense by swinging your sword parallel to their weapon.

    Guard: Press and hold your Touch surface to block your opponent's hits. Keep your sword perpendicular to your opponent's weapon.

    Winning criteria: Push your enemy off the platform to win.

    Progress: Improve your skill level by challenging swordplay champions! Unlock new quirky weapons!

    2-Player mode: Duel with your friend by downloading Happy Remote on your iPhone or iPod Touch (iOS v9+).

    2-Player Guide: