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Bernardus Boy Dozan
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About Hollywhoot

Hollywhoot is a movie parody exploration-simulation games, inspired by many incremental games with combination evolve system exploration from Digimon world. Player will be a Director in Hollywhoot, who want to be the most successful director in the world. Player will explore, train, evolve the best talent, and make the most successful movie. Explore talent evolution, Explore secret items, and Explore the best movie! Find out in Hollywhoot.
"Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out!" Dr. Seuss



What makes my game unique?

Hollywhoot is an idle simulation games of movie making experience, the our unique selling point is: -We use parody theme movie, any actor/actress on Hollywood will be parodied in our games, 40+ parody character -Exploration is the key word from our game, Explore to evolve into any talent, make a Blockbuster movie, and explore all movie poster. in Hollywhoot player must explore many things. -Great graphic and minimalist UI

Why could my game win an award?

Because everyone love movie, Hollywhoot comes with some comedy parody to movie lover. This game has deep exploration, not just linear upgrade, but branching evolve talent! So this game is give more than other idle / incremental games. Also in Hollywhoot we want to share some value from Dr. Seuss quotes "Why try to fit in, when you born to stand out" so from this game we want to deliver exploration value, dare to be yourself, and to stand out! Not try to be someone else, just to fit in community.