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I, Viking

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13th IMGA

Tim Dvoskin
Hong Kong SAR China
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    About I, Viking

    Winner of the "BEST GAME DESIGN" in Indie Game Cup Moscow 2016!

    I, Viking is an online multiplayer team-based game in which you will take part in the Viking battles between rival clans for the leadership and resources! Before you fight with other players, pass the interactive tutorial!

    The game runs on iPad 4 tablets and higher, iPhone 5 devices and higher. The game requires constant internet connection.

    "Oh, great Odin, our father, I call. My ancestors feast with you in the halls of Valhalla. May my sword be free of rust. May my kin not be disgraced by cowardice. I march out today, skalds will compose a Saga of me tomorrow. Hear me!" - a Viking player

    === KEY FEATURES ===
    - TEAM-BASED MULTIPLAYER - Fight in team battles against other players in real time!
    - STUNNING GRAPHICS - Made in beautiful "live comics" art style with cel-shaded graphics, this game is a real eyecatcher!
    - MIX OF GENRES - Action, Strategy and RPG - this game got it all! A lot more AAA gameplay than you expect from your mobile gaming!
    - VIKINGS - Take part in a real Viking raid! Pillage that settlement!
    - SQUAD MANAGEMENT - Build a shipload of the best warriors of Middle Ages from a variety of warrior classes; each with a specific weapon, fighting style, abilities, and stats!
    - DEVELOP YOUR VILLAGE - Build and improve buildings and open new possibilities!
    - ITEM FORGING, CRAFTING - Use materials to create deadly weapons and armor, enchant them with sacred glyphs derived from mystical runes!
    - STORYLINE - Unlock a powerful comics-style Saga of the Vikings and their Gods, who live, love and fight together!
    - CONTROL TYPES FOR ALL TASTES - Choose the more convenient type of camera control ensuring a dynamic and exciting large-scale battle!

    Dear friend! We hope you would enjoy playing I, Viking! What you have in your hands is a Statement, born of our believe that you, like us, are tired of template games on mobile devices. You, like us, are ready to accept the challenge and enjoy new gaming experience. Join us under I, Viking banner!

    Please share your suggestions, feedback, or error messages and we will be happy to hear you out! E-mail:

    === JOIN US ===