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Icon Pop Quiz 2 – Fun Trivia for the Family

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    About Icon Pop Quiz 2 – Fun Trivia for the Family


    After more than 20 million downloads worldwide, Icon Pop Quiz is back with new content and
    hours of fun guessing games for friends and family!
    Craving another pop culture game where you guess that movie, or the name of your favorite
    superheroes, or the current box office hit? Guess the picture, logo, superhero and more! You’ll
    need to keep guessing in these addicting and challenging picture games requested by loyal trivia
    fans such as yourself!

    We have ALL the picture guessing games you could want and SO MUCH MORE! Enjoy additional
    icon quiz categories on travel, social games, movie genres, and more that have never been seen
    before! Guess the picture with family or friends in Icon Pop Quiz 2!

    What makes my game unique?

    It's a highly-anticipated update of its predecessor, Icon Pop Quiz, which set the pop culture world ablaze back in 2013. We invested thousand of hours watching, listening, reading, and living the pop culture. We took memorable aspects of games, movies, TV series, songs, books, and much more; then translated it into beautiful, hand-drawn icons for our players to guess. As a result, Icon Pop Quiz 2 is an enjoyable quiz that is perfect for all ages. Summarizing more than 50 years of pop culture in a single app, we managed to deliver a product that is dearly loved by fans and celebrities throughout the world.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Both of our games have distinctive theme and art style compared to other games in the similar category. Combined with captivating music and lively animation, our games can be enjoyed virtually everywhere by everyone. Even though each of our game brings something new to the mobile game industry, we are not concerned over which game will win. Being nominated along with other great developers in SEA is our win. We'd like to use this opportunity as a chance to figure out what the market and experts want to see in our game. Above all, it will be our pleasure if our games can bring a smile to people's faces, just like ours when we developed them.