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Idle Coffee Corp

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Starberry Games
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    About Idle Coffee Corp

    Idle Coffee Corp is for everyone who craves that sweet steaming cup of caffeine as the first thing in the morning! The game lets you explore the deep realms of the world of coffee business and gives you the chance to build your empire. Serve everything from black soup in a throw away cup to finest creation of 3rd wave coffee by master barista.
    Idle Coffee Corp is an incremental business simulation game where you grow your global café imperium to make gazillions of profit.
    Amazing graphics and tongue in cheek tone that extracts all the sweetness out of the theme.
    Unlock various caffeine based drinks and serve the right mix of coffee products to optimize profits.

    What makes my game unique?

    Experience the world of coffee business in amazing retro 3D. Idle Coffee Corp combines a puzzle element with a modern idle game / tycoon mechanics. Setting up the optimal combination of coffees, baristas and stations to generate trillion-bazillions of cash is a task that only biznez geniuses can master. Idle game without limits - grow your coffee empire from the hot spots of NY and Berlin to Atlantis, Moon and beyond.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Idle Coffee Corp is the freshest bag of beans you'll taste in 2019. It's an artisanal creation by seasoned mobile baristas from Berlin.