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Immortal Conquest

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    About Immortal Conquest

    Devise masterful strategies to rule over 2 million pieces of land on a vast map shared by all players. Harvest resources, forge powerful alliances, and conquer a city, a region and ultimately claim total world domination. There’s no one path to victory in this MMO strategy game but there can be only one winning alliance – so the fight for control is on! Immortal Conquest is a free-to-play, terrain-based epic strategy war game set in a fantastical and far away land. Select powerful Gairo to lead your troop, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. Utilize up to three in different combinations to outthink your enemy and strategically achieve different objectives.
    - EXPAND your territory across a vast map of over 2 million pieces of land
    - BUILD and upgrade facilities to grow your military power
    - FORM alliances with other real players to fight for resources and defend your territory
    - CREATE strategies and use diplomacy to achieve military ambitions
    - DEFEND the alliance or betray the alliance – your choices will determine victory or defeat
    - DEPLOY Gairo with different skills to form the best combination of troops The epic story of Immortal Conquest lies ahead of you waiting to be written! There are no rules, no constraints, just vast opportunities to conquer the world map. Cooperation and alliance, bloodshed and betrayal awaits as you set your own path for complete domination!Immortal Conquest is now available on Android in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Now begin your own epic history!
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    设计巧妙的策略来统治200万件土地所有玩家共享一个巨大的地图上。嘉实资源,建立强大的联盟和征服一个城市,一个区域,并最终声称世界总量的统治。有没有人的制胜之道在这个MMO战略游戏,但只能有一个赢钱联盟 - 因此对于控制权的争夺开始了!不朽的征服是一个免费任玩,基于地形史诗战争策略游戏的幻想,远离土地上。选择功能强大的Gairo带领你的队伍,每个都有自己独特的特点和能力。利用多达不同的组合三outthink你的敌人和战略上实现不同的目标。
    - 跨越超过200万件土地广阔的地图扩大你的领地
    - 建造和升级设施,以增加你的军事力量
    - 与其他真实玩家结成联盟,以争取资源和捍卫你的领土
    - 创建战略和外交手段来实现军事野心
    - 保卫联盟或背叛联盟 - 你的选择将决定胜败
    - 部署Gairo具有不同技能,形成部队的最佳组合不朽征服的史诗般的故事就在于你等待写入迈进!没有规则,没有任何限制,只是大量的机会去征服世界地图。合作与联盟,流血和背叛等待为你设置自己的路径完全统治!不朽的征服是现在Android在美国,加拿大,澳大利亚和新西兰提供。现在开始你自己的史诗的历史!