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In The Shadows

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15th IMGA

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About In The Shadows

In The Shadows is a super unique indie-game that is literally all based in the shadows. This is a challenging puzzle platformer that mixes puzzle solving with skillful platforming hence leaving room for multiple and unique solutions to a single level. In this game , the world is your playground and shadows are your toys. Play with the shadows to reach your destination while avoiding various perils that exist only in the shadows. The game excels in introducing a new mechanic to the puzzle genre and adds the platforming element to it to make it a very fun and engaging experience. Combine this innovative mechanic with a creepy emotional story , and you get a game to remember!

In The Shadows is an innovative puzzle
platformer where you have to play with real
world objects and use their shadows to
create a path to your goal in the shadow
The game features a unique mix of skillful
platforming and creative problem solving that
opens up a plethora of solutions to a single
puzzle. The entire level is your playground and
the shadows are your toys

What makes my game unique?

In The Shadows is an indie puzzle platformer that is based entirely in the shadows. The mechanic of using shadows to solve the game's levels, none with a single fixed solution, is what makes this game stand out to be a totally fresh take on puzzle platformers. You have to be aware of the complete level setup that includes lighting, various objects whose shadows can be manipulated and other shadow world entities that you have to stay away from. This super fun mix of challenging puzzle solving and skillful platforming along with the boundless freedom provided to the player to solve the level in his/her own unique way is what really sets this game apart.

Why could my game win an award?

Apart from the obvious reasons that this game would do great if I won or this award would help me to take this game to the next level, My game deserves to win this award because it truly is a very unique idea that has been implemented after facing a lot of technical challenges working as a solo indie developer. This game might potentially open doors to many more such ideas and in this process, our gaming community would benefit the most. Studios might have come up with brilliant and marvelous implementations of shooters, puzzles , MMOs etc but rarely do you ever come across something that would give you pleasure just by core mechanic of the game. Games that define a new path for future games to come. Games such as Portal, Monument valley, Shadowmatic, Braid, Superhot are a few that were able to instill that feeling in me as a Gamer. I believe my game idea has that potential to reach to the level of such games and my plan is to do just that. Winning this award, would take me a huge step closer to my vision :)