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Infinity Blade

7th IMGA

Winner of
Excellence in Design
Chair Entertainment
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    About Infinity Blade

    The game follows a repetitive narrative structure in which the player ascends a large castle in a quest to battle the primary antagonist, the immortal God King (Whose name is later revealed to be Raidriar). This cycle continues every time the player falls before the God King. The player then restarts the cycle, now assuming the role of the previous game's descendant. Every time the cycle restarts, the enemies increase in difficulty. These cycles are called Bloodlines and every time a new one is started it is called a Rebirth.  

    The game has no virtual joystick; movement is scripted. The player taps highlighted points to move from area to area. Inside each room the player can move the camera to search for treasure and potions by moving his/her finger across the screen.

    The primary game mechanic is one-on-one combat (known as the Aegis forms) with enemies encountered throughout the castle. The player controls the character's weapon by swiping across the screen. Players can touch the bottom left or right side of the screen to dodge attacks or the bottom center of the screen to block attacks with a shield, which breaks if the player's shield stat depletes. Finally, players may parry incoming attacks when performing an intercepting sword move by swiping in the same direction as the attack. Each of these three counters leaves the enemy stunned and vulnerable to be counterattacked for a short period of time.