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Infinity Inc.

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13th IMGA

George Kobyakov
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About Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc. is about cloning and a story. Imagine such device becomes a reality. What's next? People start to clone money, cars, food, energy and everything around them. Someone even cloned himself! Very soon world will be destroyed by ourselves.

The game has a lot different traps and puzzles and they're unique for each level as well as art is handmade and unique for every location.

What would happen to the world if there was a device which could clone everything?

Infinity Inc. is a dystopian puzzle-platformer which tells the story of the world where cloning became possible. The player takes a role of a man, who solves deathly traps and puzzles by making and destroying his own clones, along the way finding out what is happened with the world.

Gameplay: Make clones of yourself and control multiple characters.

Story: Learn the story of the world from different characters and narrators. Story in this game matters.

Atmoshpere: Feel an atmosphere of loneliness and desperate society in sick pre-apocalyptic world.

What makes my game unique?

Infinity Inc. has interesting dystopyan setting and a story. What would happen if we invented a cloning gun? The game answers that.

Why could my game win an award?

I believe in good and deep games which made to entertain players. Infinity Inc. is a game made with a soul, and i do my best to make it even better. I believe players will appreciate it.